How to Find a Reliable Yoga Instructor in NYC

Yoga is increasingly becoming very popular these days, which means that more people are seeking proper guidance on this new and varied exercise. Because of the increase in popularity, the number of instructors teaching yoga is also rising. With so many of them available out there, you might think it will be easier and quick to find one, but that isn’t the reality. Choosing a qualified and experienced instructor is important to ensure the integrity of yoga practice and your safety. Here are some useful tips to help you find a quality yoga instructor:

1. Consider the Importance of Lineage and Style

Many of the best yoga instructors today were actually taught different skills passed down from one generation to another. In some parts of the world, many people first see it as just physically demanding poses, usually meeting a need for stress relief, exercise, and pain prevention. Most practices are under the Hatha yoga umbrella. Practices often range from personal and moral observances to mediation. To find a well-trained and authentic yoga instructor in Upper West Side NYC, it will be a good idea to research who trained him/her. It’s therefore important to look for an instructor who understands a wide range of yoga practices and was trained by a professional yoga master.

2. The Instructor’s Qualifications

Perhaps yoga instructor lineage doesn’t matter to you, but it’s important to at least ensure your yoga instructor has the right experience and proper qualifications. For instance, a typical certification of “RYT-200” shows that the instructor has successfully completed a 200-hour yoga program and has been registered with Yoga Alliance to train. If you want a more qualified instructor, consider choosing one with “RYT-500” certification, which means your potential teacher has completed 200-hour and 300-hour programs.


3. Does the Instructor Teach/Train What You Want To Learn?

If the instructor doesn’t teach the things you are really looking for, he or she isn’t the right person for you. For instance, if an instructor only teaches extremely vigorous yoga class and on the other hand, you want a relaxing restorative yoga class, then they’re not the right person for you. It’s critical to consider what the instructor incorporates into their class. If you are into chanting and philosophy, but your potential instructor only teaches a 1-hour class of asana (posture), consider looking for another one.

4. Is the Instructor Approachable?

It’s also important to choose an instructor who is easier to approach with your questions and who makes you feel more comfortable. A good instructor should always be there for you, takes the time to greet his/her students and even stays back after class to discuss some issues with you. Avoid anyone who isn’t approachable and not always available to help you when you need clarification on certain issues.

5. Get a Recommendation

Ask your co-workers, friends, or neighbors to recommend a good instructor or yoga training school. In some cases, you may be surprised at who also practices yoga around your area. Even if you are in good shape, it’s very important to start with a beginner yoga class for the best results. Keep in mind that some yoga classes can sometimes incorporate extremely challenging workouts.

6. Is the Instructor Registered?

If you are practicing yoga in NYC, it’s also a good idea to choose an instructor who is registered with Yoga Alliance. You can find this out by visiting their website or other platforms like YA Directory. There are many benefits that come from choosing a qualified and registered yoga teacher. For example, they understand what each of their students need and when to introduce something new and complex. If you want to take your yoga practices to the next level, your new instructor needs to have a RYT. So, choose wisely.

7. What Are Yoga Classes Like?

When it comes to yoga, one of the greatest things is that it never gets outdated and absolute. When choosing an instructor, try to check all the aspects of his/her class. Is it slow and mindful or fast-paced? Is it a “work in” or a workout? A reliable yoga instructor should incorporate meditative yoga practices and chanting as well. You should also feel more comfortable and satisfied with the training.

Furthermore, by keeping all these pointers in mind when looking for a yoga instructor, you will definitely find the best one for your needs. Always remember that the most appropriate instructor for you is the one you feel a strong connection with and can help you achieve your goals.